10 Tips for planning your dream destination wedding!

1. Remain true to yourselves.

Before planning your wedding talk with your fiancé about what each of you want from the day. What elements of your wedding are the most important. A wedding that is as unique as the couple themselves and reflects their own personal life values and love for one another is the most beautiful way to celebrate. It can be easy to be swayed by multiple opinions of others when planning your wedding and it can be helpful to consider all opinions however when feeling stuck for an answer deciding between doing A or B always go with your heart and what feels right for the two of you.

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2. Work with suppliers that you like and who understand your vision for your wedding. 

Planning a wedding outside of your own locality can be challenging and thus it is important that your suppliers completely understand your vision for your big day and will strive to see your wedding dreams become reality. You will be in regular contact with these people and thus it is important that you feel comfortable to be able to speak freely with them to share your thoughts and ideas.

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3. Enlist a Pro.

A wedding planner who is familiar with the location can be a god send when planning a destination wedding. A wedding planner means that you can set the direction for your wedding and they can shoulder the burden of researching and booking local vendors and dealing with the logistics. What’s more choosing someone who is familiar with the location means that they are likely to be able to provide trustworthy recommendations for suppliers based on first hand experiences.

4. Give everyone a heads-up.

When planning a destination wedding give your guests and bridal party as much advance notice as possible to ensure that everyone has  time to make necessary travel and accommodation arrangements. When booking your wedding it is often helpful to have an idea of how many guests you plan to invite to ensure that there is enough local accommodation available. Ask about local travel and accommodation packages that may be available as this can assist with cost saving for you and your guests.

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5. Create an authentic destination wedding experience by sourcing local produce and services.

Many wedding destinations are unique in their own right and often boast local produce, experiences, flora and fauna that can be showcased throughout your wedding day. Utilizing what is available locally can often be more cost effective too!

6. Visit in advance.

If it is within your budget to visit your destination at least once or twice prior to the wedding then it is highly recommended. Visiting your venue and meeting with local suppliers can really help you to visualise how your wedding is coming together and note any slight adjustments that may need to be made. If a visit prior to the wedding is not a possibility, arriving at your destination a few days prior to the big day can be helpful to give you some time for any last-minute adjustments.

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7. Less is more.

Wedding destinations are often selected because of their naturally wonderous and breath-taking locations so let the natural beauty do the talking and minimize excessive decoration and styling. Highlight the natural beauty of your location by utilizing local flora and carefully considering the layout and positioning of your ceremony and reception to capitalize on the surrounding views.

8. Create a wedding website.

This is a must have for any destination wedding. Your wedding website can be a go-to for guests to receive information about travel and accommodation options, pre and post wedding events, information about the wedding day itself and it is a great way to keep everyone updated with the latest information. Most websites now allow you to include a Bio about you and your partner and provide some information about your love story which is a really personal touch. This will also save you trying to cram every piece of information onto paper invitations.

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9. Arrange a pre or post wedding activity to enjoy with your guests.

Pre/post wedding events are a great way to soak up all of the excitement surrounding your big day and showcase why you chose your special place to be married.

10. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Once your big day arrives make sure you go with its flow and simply enjoy the day and each moment that presents itself. If you spend the day fussing about details and last-minute changes your day will fly by without you getting a moment to really stop and enjoy it. Remember that your wedding day is about celebrating you and your partner and the love you have for one another.  The memories that will remain of your wedding day will be in the small moments that you can’t choregraph or plan – the way your partner looks at you as you walk down the aisle, the way you smile and laugh together as you listen to speeches, the joy that you both share in having your nearest and dearest celebrate with you. It is in these moments that a wedding becomes truly memorable.

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